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We are a family that has had a passion for Golden retrievers sine 1986 when we got our first one. We are located in Northern Kentucky and have been breeding for 12 years. Taking much pride in our top quality, healthy, intelligent dogs and puppies, and providing many familys with goldens. Our family strives to only add the best possible bloodlines to our breeding program. Therfore only adding ones that come from Healthy,champion bloodlines.


Chadwick’s Goldens provides beautiful English Cream golden retrievers and American Standard Golden Retrievers from world-class championship lines.  All of our puppies are AKC registrable and microchipped. We live in the sunny Southern California area and have been breeding golden retrievers for over 16 years. Although I am an experienced breeder, our pups are raised by a loving family.  Now we’ve added the European Golden Retrievers to our breeding program because of the beauty and health of the English Creams.


We are a small hobby breeder of golden retrievers, more specifically English standard golden retrievers with champion lineages that were imported from Europe. We started after we got a puppy from Jolene’s parents. We were lucky enough to be the first to choose a golden from their first English cream litter. Both parents are beautiful dogs.  Alice has already achieved her Junior Puppy Championship, as well as her International Championship.


Our reputation, along with the health, well-being, and longevity of our outstanding English Cream Golden Retriever puppies is what we are passionate about. Above all else, we at GoldWynns strive to nourish and cultivate beautiful, healthy pups to join your family as the most wonderful dog they can be. These puppies are the center of our world and we breed and raise them as exceptional companions with high-quality pedigrees for loving, responsible owners.


Welcome!! Silversword English Golden Retrievers is proud to raise top quality champion sired English Cream European type Golden Retrievers. We have enjoyed the companionship of Retrievers since 2003. Our journey with English Cream Golden Retrievers began four summers ago with the first addition of our family, Silver Mist.


Each litter is bred with great intention, with regard to health, temperament, and pedigree for healthy future bloodlines! All of my dogs have their necessary health clearances for the Golden Retriever, including DNA testing. As a responsible breeder,  each of my dog’s everyday needs matter and all litters get my utmost attention while here and beyond our home. For future puppy families, all questions are welcomed, as are photos and stories over the years to come.  I admire folks who do their homework, searching for a well-bred dog in earnest and are not in a rush!


As a hobby breeder in Arkansas, it is our hope to raise Goldens to be successful in AKC exhibitions. Our dogs compete in show conformation, hunt tests and field trials, rally, and also events like dock diving and lure coursing. We do this as a way for us to enjoy our dogs and celebrate their achievements as a family. We specialize in beautiful versatile Goldens with gentle dispositions as house companions, hunting, therapy, or service work.


Here at Wisteria Goldens we start all our English Golden Retriever puppies on a routine in order to give them a great foundational start for continued training. All of our adult English Golden Retrievers come with Champion and/or International Champion bloodlines. We have carefully chosen and have also imported many of our adults to be able to provide the best quality puppy for families. We understand and realize that getting a puppy is about adding a family member and that it is an important decision!


Welcome to Valor Golden Retrievers.  We are located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.  We are proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit.  We strive to produce beautiful, healthy puppies of sound mind, that conform to the breed standard.

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Our passion is raising beautiful, healthy, cream”English” type Golden Retriever puppies with the wonderful golden temperament, blocky heads, and stunning black pigment.  We are doing our part to continue improving the “English” type Golden Retriever breed.


We are a Christian family in southeast AZ who got our first Goldens when our oldest son was 2 years old.  Now he is married and has little children of his own, and of course a Golden lived with them too!


Welcome to Masters Golden Retrievers. We are a small hobby breeder located in the California Wine Country. Since 1989 we have been breeding the all around Golden Retriever: Birdie, Brainy and Beautiful. Our pups are equally at home competing in conformation, field, obedience and as family companions.


Montair Goldens carries on the tradition of producing quality Goldens from a line of Champions with an impressive  history and great heritage.  As you look at the pedigree of our foundation dogs, you will see many Champions and prestigious dogs in every generation. All of our Goldens are exceptional representatives of the breed whether they are destined for  show or companion.​  Over the years we have also carefully introduced other lines that are complimentary to ours from other highly respected and high-quality breeders.


All of the dogs used in my breeding program have hip, elbow, heart and eye clearances. I have some American and American/Swedish crosses that are really wonderful. We have Canadian Champion Sandar ScFarms Sets the Pace (Pace) OFA Good, who is a great representative of the breed. Our program is to produce a Golden with that wonderful Golden temperament and good health, all wrapped up in a Beautiful package. To that end we have occasional litters of pups and I usually keep one or two to check how I am doing. I am a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America as well as the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles, abiding by the guidelines of our club to give you the best Golden I can.


We have partnerships with several of the highest accomplished Golden Retriever breeders in America. Our golden retrievers, proven in their pedigrees, have a high percentage of AKC Champion titled within a 5 generation pedigree.  We are truly dedicated to improving the breed, incorporating lineage with the best possible outcomes and diversity, (in a limited breeding program), to produce structure, beauty, brains and temperament. As breeders, we feel that it is our duty and commitment to be used as an informational tool for those in search of quality Golden Retrievers in Southern California and within San Diego County. 


We breed only the highest quality Golden Retrievers that meet all health standards of – Heart, Eyes, Hips, Elbows (OFA, CERF, SAS), but more importantly, the “Golden Temperament.” We do not breed quantity, we breed quality!
Pedigrees and clearances are available on all of our dogs. Should you require additional information, please feel free to contact us.


Our trained adult Golden Retrievers are wonderful family companions that are raised in our home with children, other dogs and cats. Our dogs spend virtually all of their time loose in our home interacting with our family and guests. We are a “kennel free” home and we feel that the best way to produce a calm and well behaved family pet is for them to be treated as a family member during their training and socialization process. We only raise a few Golden Retrievers at a time in order for them to receive a maximum amount of attention and training time.  Our Golden Retrievers are also housebroken and have excellent house manners and car manners.

Our goal is to breed the most beautiful, structurally sound, wonderful temperament, dogs we can.  We do not breed often and consider ourselves a small, personal operation. Each puppy is raised with love and attention beyond comparison.We like to keep in touch with our puppies and their new families. We are always available for any advice or help that may be needed.

We have a very select, well-planned, top flight Golden Retriever and Vizsla breeding program. We have a number of Golden Retriever puppies that have become working therapy and service dogs. We have been breeding top quality Golden Retriever puppies for almost 25 years, and Vizsla puppies for over 9.  All of our dogs come from excellent pedigrees with champion lines, sweet temperaments, and outstanding looks. We have imported several English Cream (or “British” or “White”) Golden Retrievers from Europe.

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Hunter’s Goldstrike Golden Retrievers is a small family-oriented licensed breeder of Golden Retrievers located in beautiful, colorful Colorado about 50 miles north of Denver. Our professional breeding program of golden retriever puppies consists of over 27 years of intensive work to provide top quality puppies. They are bred for temperament, standards of the breed, and we strive for top quality and beautiful puppies! All our breeding dogs are cleared before we breed them. We also provide support to our puppy buyers and general advice! It is a big responsibility and commitment in raising a golden retriever pup but it is a wonderful experience!

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