Hill Creek Golden Retrievers

Central, MN, USA
2-98 10th Avenue South St. Cloud Minnesota 56301 US

We are a small, family run breeder, that specializes in breeding happy and healthy Golden Retrievers and Mini Goldendoodles.  All of our puppies are hand raised and are socialized with men, women and children on a daily basis, this happens from the day they are born. We pride ourselves in raising only happy, healthy golden retrievers, each dog is given lots of attention 0n a daily basis,  with people of all ages.

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Clearwater, MN, USA 11.06 mi

My name is Valorie LaBeau and I have been developing my breeding program of Golden Retrievers since 2000. We are very passionate about the Golden Retriever and we work very hard to breed the very best puppies. Our Golden Retrievers are bred with love and care.  We work hard at pairing our dogs to breed the gentle temperament that makes Golden Retrievers famous.  Our track record for producing healthy puppies is exceptional and has been proven in a 14 year breeding history.  We are proud to provide one of our babies to your home. 

Maple Lake, MN, United States 23.95 mi

I’m a certified veterinary technician with 12 years experience in veterinary medicine and although I’m no longer working in that field I maintain my certification and passion for animals. Etta is currently my only breeding golden and breeding her is carefully planned and done ethically. Our dogs live inside with us and are part of the family not kennel dogs. Raising these babies takes priority and is our only job when we do it. They get lots of love and attention and we want to give them the best start in life possible. My goal in breeding is to produce beautiful, amazing, intelligent Golden Retriever puppies that will be wonderful companions!

Big Lake, MN, USA 25.99 mi

Exquisite Breeder of AKC English Golden Retriever Puppies. Our dogs are first and foremost treasured family members, raised in the home, sleep in our bed, travel with us and part of our everyday living.They have phenomenal pedigrees with International, National, and World champions within their linage, premier show quality, and direct imports from some of the finest kennels in Europe. I have been breeding Goldens for over 28 years and have an excellent and outstanding reputation.

Anoka, MN, United States 45.15 mi

We are a family breeder, with a single female, Blossom, as our companion.   Our golden retriever puppies get undivided attention, since we have no other dogs.  We have nearly 20 years of experience with breeding golden retrievers from childhood.

East Bethel, MN, USA 49.41 mi

We are small, family run breeders, that pride ourselves in raising ggod family quality Goldens. We produce top quality puppies with exceptional temperaments. Our puppies are hand raised and are very socialized before being placed into their new loving homes.

Brownton, MN, USA 57.68 mi

At Lakeside Puppies we focus on raising purebred  Pomeranians, Beagles, and Golden retrievers in a loving family environment. We also have occasional litters of Puggles.


With exceptional hands on care and nutrition. Bringing the exceptional Champions of the past into the present.  Passing the present into the future!  Genetics that have been proven over again and again to generate the best golden retriever puppy!  This may be just be the AKC Golden Retriever Puppy you’ve been looking for!

Staples, MN, United States 62.92 mi

We are a family breeder, with only three Golden Retrievers on site.   Our Golden babies get supreme and undivided attention, since we have no other dogs.  Breeding Golden Retrievers has been our joy for 20 years!   We chose to produce litters from our sire Risio and dam Mellilla (& Blossom?), because they are high caliber, healthy, and the happiest dogs ever!  


We specialize in raising, competing, and breeding Golden Retrievers who are multi-purpose: strong field trial and hunt test competitors with friendly, loving attitudes that can serve as hunting companions and pets. We compete in both AKC field trials and hunts tests and are members of the Golden Retriever Club of America, Vikingland Retriever Club, West Central Minnesota Retriever Club, and Central Minnesota Retriever Club.Our goal is to send a puppy to your home that is well socialized, eager to learn, inquisitive, and full of desire.

Oakdale, MN, United States 71.32 mi

Planned breeding with hereditary screenings since 1966, with the goal of producing healthy, intelligent, athletic, mid-sized Goldens of good breed type, having moderate water-shedding coats and stable, loving personalities.

Evansville, MN, USA 79.45 mi

Our kennel is a small family owned facility located in North Central Minnesota. We are dedicated to the improvement and advancement of the breed. Sound genetics along with proper care and environment are essential for the perfect Golden, whether it be for companionship, hunting or the show ring. We combine excellent conformation,exceptional good looks along with intelligence and athleticism for the perfect balance. Our foundation stock has some of the best hip histories available!

Kettle River, MN, USA 88.97 mi

TeddyBear Goldens is located on 160 acre farm in Kettle River, MN. The dogs have alot of room to run, play and hunt. Here at TeddyBear Goldens we strive to produce healthy, sound goldens with a True Golden Temperament. We breed occasionally, both our Sire and Dam have Hips, Elbows, Heart and Eye Clearances. Our Pet Puppies are sold on a spayed/neuter contract, and are only sold to approved homes. John and I welcome you to stop by or if you just have some questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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